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Temporary Employment - The best insurance against default risks.

Whether you need assistance in bridging temporary personnel bottlenecks or if you plan to employ personnel on a long term basis to ease the burden for your permanent staff - RN Dienstleistungen GmbH can supply your business with qualified, highly motivated staff. This saves you the time on recruitment and selection and allows you to fully concentrate on your core business.

Just contact us and tell us your needs.

More and more frequently, our motivated employees are taken on for permanent employment after the provision period with our clients. Use the temporary term for the incorporation of your new employee and enlarge your own permanent staff by keeping them on long-term.

Our hourly rates include all social security contribution rates, payroll taxes , and the cost of vacation, illness and holidays.

Our external employees are certified by TÜV Süd according to SCC / SCP 2011 and are paid according to the DGB / iGZ collective agreement.

RN Dienstleistungen GmbH has been granted permission in terms of the Act on Personnel Transfer for Commercial Purposes to commercially supply temporary workers. We can present you with this proof as well as clearances of the social insurance and tax agencies if requested.